Weaving Wreaths


The daffodils had just started to pop up along the edges of gardens down our road. My little person and I had been talking about the happy flowers and Gizmo, our dog, had insisted on sniffing as many as he could before we made the short walk back to our house.

There’s something about yellows and greens that are very spring-like. It’s like a fresh beginning. I didn’t initially plan on making two Wreath necklaces; I had been working on the Lavender Wreath for about a week and, despite its simplicity, it was proving to be one of my bigger challenges of the collection.

It started out with branches coming off the base necklace, much like the pearls and flowers in the other designs but, as the materials I’d chosen were saturated with colour, it was starting to look over the top and tacky. I ignored the necklace for a while, completing Orchid and playing around with colours for the Meadows, until I decided that if I wanted to use the beautiful tanzanite purple Swarovski crystals, I had to keep everything else simple.


The introduction of the light amethyst Swarovski Xillions was a way of incorporating an element from the rest of the collection. The colours were inspired by Peggy Porschen’s coffee shop front - beautiful pastel hues of pink and purple.

The Lavender Wreath was a challenge due to the close detail next to the base necklace - I damaged a nail in the process so it now grows out with a vertical notch in it! However, in my head, I had pictured nine necklaces in the collection so I was going to have to create another one.


The peridot Swarovski crystals on my colour chart seemed the best match for my sunny yellow daffodils. Being Welsh, I wanted to pay tribute to our national flower, so what better way than to include it here?

Looking at the collection as a whole, I debated including the Wreath designs. However the colours in Lavender drew a lot of attention on Facebook and was my little boy’s absolute favourite, while Spring was the favourite for my model Katie and makeup artist Danny. I guess I was right to keep them in!


Why you’ll love them

The Wreaths are predominately crystal based (Swarovski of course ;) ) and hold the most colour. Pearls feature sparingly in Lavender in contrast to the other designs and Spring is the only necklace to not have any pearls at all. The repetitive pattern will appeal to some; it’s this repetitive pattern that earned this design the name Wreath, as it’s my take on the Wreaths that were worn as crowns and have inspired many hair accessories as a result.

The only question now is which do you prefer?

Photography: Auguste Chocianaite | Model: Katie | Hair: Lydia Wallis | Makeup: Danny Williams | Dress: Curve Bridal