How to wear a hair vine

One of the questions I often get asked about hair vines at wedding fayres is “how do you wear it?”

Hair vines are possibly the most versatile accessory out there at the moment. They are lengths of wire twisted to create details using pearls and crystals and are incredibly flexible.

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What accessories do I need for my wedding?

When James from Wedding Espresso asked me “what accessories do you need for your wedding?” during our video Q&A chat, I was a little surprised.

I’m not sure why though as it’s a very valid question, and one that you may have now.

I’m going to offer some advice here, but please take a look at the video too when you get a chance :)

My first thought was this: Accessories are a want rather than a need. And as they’re the last things we buy or think about before the wedding, it can be difficult to justify a budget for the finishing touches for some brides.

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The Top 8 Wedding Accessories for Autumn 2018

Dressing for a wedding as a guest has its challenges and so today I’m delighted to share this post by Carolyn from Northwood Rings, a company that make beautiful bespoke rings out of wood, gemstones and precious metals. Carolyn’s sharing her top tips for accessorising for an Autumn wedding, so read on for some inspiration to help you look your best at any upcoming weddings this season!

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Design beautiful, unique wedding invitations stress-free with Basic Invite

This year, I’ve been on a mission to reduce stress in my life. I’m fascinated by how many of us don’t recognise opportunities to make our lives easier but instead pile more work, guilt and, yes, stress on our already overwhelmed shoulders.

This got me thinking about you, as brides-to-be. I know some of you are navigating the wedding planning journey with little difficulty, but for many of you, I know that it can be a struggle to manage everything. So I’ve decided to start sharing some ways of how you can make it easier on yourself.

I’m starting today with wedding stationery. Why? Because it’s something that I personally struggled with when we got married and I know, having spoken to many brides, it’s been one of the things that has come up for them too. Simply put, you need a way to let your guests know there’s a wedding. Bottom line. But then we start stressing about when we need to send the invites, who we should invite, whether we need a different invite for the evening and, worst of all, finding and writing out addresses to finally send them out. Do you buy or DIY? And is it worth investing the money in having someone make them for you when you could do it yourself?

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The Make Space | Create art with me on Tuesday 28th August!

This wasn't about the workshop alone. In fact, there was no obligation to run one. This was about the creative process. While I'd been focusing on my target audience, I'd forgotten how fascinating it can be to watch artisans and creatives work. That's what this was all about and I could certainly do something to show that.

I forgot that what I do behind the scenes would be interesting to other people. Honestly, I get so stuck in my head when I'm making things that I forget that people don't see all of that work. It's pretty therapeutic too and if you'd like to explore what I do further, you can come along to one of my workshops and make something special for yourself. This goes for people who aren't brides-to-be too, as there are so many things you can do with a hair vine, something I'll be exploring further over the next few months.

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The Bespoke Process: What happens, what it's worth and what it really costs

Today I'm answering those unspoken questions I see on brides lips when I talk to them about designing their hair accessories. 

Let's face it, there are so many details to think about when planning your wedding and chances are, if you haven't got a venue, photographer or dress yet, the finishing touches probably aren't your priority right now, but it always pays to be prepared right?

So let's break it all down, starting with the word "bespoke" itself. Bespoke means custom-made. So when someone talks to you about a bespoke service or product, it means they are tailoring their service or product specifically to you. It means no one-size-fits-all approach and your ideas are valued, heard and incorporated into the finished piece.

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Something to think about when choosing a hair accesory for your wedding

Back in 2014, I started out with a few random hair pieces and would say to potential clients that I would create whatever they wanted. This was an epic fail for two reasons: one, I didn't have enough work to show what I was capable of and two, people don't always know what they want.

I've learnt a lot through my journey to getting where I am (it wasn't pretty in the beginning!) and one of the biggest lessons I've learnt is you need to have ideas to inspire and you need to have a style that people can relate to. And if people have no idea what they want, you need to be able to build a relationship with them to figure it out.

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Thursday, dog walks and a clean kitchen floor...

Let's say, today did not go as I planned it to! And I'm finding that with a lot of days at the moment. Do you find that too? Today I was practically invisible; I've had cars almost reverse in to me, people walking so close to me you'd think I was a a whole dog shaming incident that I think you'll enjoy hearing about (sorry Gizmo). But it was my reaction to all of these things that surprised me. Normally when stuff like this happens, I feel the world is against me but today I thought about why I might be taking everything to heart.

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Uncomfortable about being the centre of attention on your wedding day? You're not alone!

I have to admit something; I wasn't overly keen about being the centre of attention on my wedding day. Ok, there was a narcissistic part of me saying "this is your moment Sarah, they'll see how pretty you are with your hair and make-up done properly and not looking like your usual put-a-pair-of-jeans-on-and-leave-the-house self" but inside I felt like a complete fake. Probably because a) I love my jeans and b) I was thinking about other people's view of me and not my own opinion. I thought I was alone in this but I don't think I am, so if you're finding this too, know that there's someone out there who gets you. 

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The end of an era and new beginnings

I made the unconscious decision to do what I'm doing now around November last year. It only became a conscious decision two weeks ago though because, like all the other times I've had to make hard decisions, I panicked, doubted myself, questioned everything and tried to justify every reason not to do what I knew I had to. It was time to let something go. 

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You'll never please everyone, so start with yourself

Wedding planning is hard enough. Throw in some well meaning family members who try to help by pushing their ideas on you and you're done for.

Now, not all family members and friends are like this, of course; I'm talking about the ones that complain about the date you've chosen or the venue being too far away. The ones who try to dictate which flowers you have or tell you that it'll be embarrassing when nobody eats the food as what you've chosen isn't traditional (we had that one!).

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Does perfectionism deserve an invitation to your wedding?

"What's you're biggest weakness?" the person interviewing me would ask. "I'm a perfectionist" came my reply. Let's face it, it's the text book answer to a question like that. 

I never really thought about it; I was always dedicated to my work in teaching, put so much time and effort into planning and making resources that the kids would love and respond to and then continued that level of diligence with my work now.

But it's soul destroying. Exhausting too...I've watched my shiny perfectionist badge tarnish as I've realised that the level of perfectionism I've held in my work has massively crept in to (or perhaps has always been a part of) every day life.

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3 alternative uses for a hair vine

I shared a tip on Facebook earlier this week about how a hair vine could be your ideal hair accessory if you haven't finalised your wedding hair. As one of my most popular posts is about the ways you can wear your hair vine, I thought I'd share a few alternatives for you that don't involve putting them in your hair. Intrigued? Read on, friend!

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