Inspired by Monet: The Meadow

Meadow-Peony Peach.jpg

The Pinterest board I’d created for the Bloom collection was filled with images of Parisian gardens and impressionist paintings. The way the colours combined in the pieces of art work and the harmonious colour combinations of the floral displays around cafés have had a huge influence on the colours used in this collection.


It was Monet’s work that inspired the Meadow necklace. - think “Nympheas at Giverny”, with it’s blue hues, and “Pathway in Monet’s Garden at Giverny”, with it’s warmer pinky-red tones. The crystals sat in front of me, rosewater and white opals left over from the Orchid necklace, and a single coral-peach colour which had fallen in to the mix.

There was something about the contrast of the opal crystals with the brightness of the peach that made me think of summer gardens, warm sunshine and happy times spent outside. Paired with the chrysolite green Swarovski crystals and tiny yellow centres for each of the flowers, I felt I’d found a winning combination. This design makes me smile when I see it, and I can imagine that you’ll love it too.

The Meadow in Peony Peach

The Meadow in Peony Peach


The second colour way was going to be in cooler tones, much like Monet’s Water Lilies. This has a fresher feel, with a combination of turquoise, purple, clear and white opal Swarovski crystals and the same greens and yellows featured in the warmer design. The balance of the colours in each necklace makes it wearable against any skin tone, so it is really down to preference which you prefer!

The Meadow in Forget-Me-Not Blue

The Meadow in Forget-Me-Not Blue


Why you’ll love it

The colours evoke memories of Spring and Summer. Like all the designs, you could easily wear this to dress up any outfit or for a special occasion. The combination of colours is like a bouquet of flowers, adding depth and interest to the design and it sits perfectly at the base of your neck, for a modern take on a beaded collar length necklace.

Available in Peony Peach and Forget-Me-Not Blue from 26.06.19 or, if you’d like a reminder, you can get one here!

Meadow-Forget-me-not Blue.jpg

Photography: Auguste Chocianaite | Model: Katie Taylor | Makeup: Danny Williams | Hair: Lydia Wallis | Dresses: Curve Bridal