Wandering through Wildflowers

The Wildflower-close up.jpg

My friend, Nicky, had decided she wanted a natural looking bouquet of wildflowers for her wedding. Her and her husband’s parents grew the flowers in their gardens and, while there weren’t quite enough for the bouquet, they sat in little jam jars on the tables at the wedding.

It was such a lovely idea; the fact that the two families grew those flowers for their children’s wedding was really touching.

I love seeing flowers grow in unexpected places - through cracks in concrete and amongst weeds along side paths. We tried to grow some wildflowers in our own garden from a pack of seeds but I’m not sure we were all that successful!

I think what makes them so appealing is the mix of colours. Reds with pinks and yellows with blue, pale shades contrasting with bright blooms….and of course the delicate floral fragrance that inspires so many perfumes.

The final design in the Bloom collection differs from the others in that it’s primary feature is the coloured Swarovski pearls, rather than the crystals. Like the Meadow, Wildflower pays tribute to impressionist artists, with its dot-like flowers being a take on the daubs of paint used by the impressionists in their work. The inspiration for the colours, as is the case for many of the Bloom designs, came from gardens in Paris, notably the floral borders in the Jardins de Luxembourg, where you can find rows of beautiful flowers in shades of blue, red and orange against leafy greens.

Wildflower detail.JPG

This design took around 3 weeks to complete and features exactly 222 Swarovski pearls in shades of pink coral, lapis blue, white and jade green.

Why you’ll love it

It’s a statement piece but thanks to the combination of colours, the Wildflower is easily wearable for any occasion. The detail is exquisite, with tiny yellow Swarovski crystals at the centre of each flower and clear ones at the end of the jade green “blades of grass”.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the Bloom collection. I’d love to hear which design is your favourite and how you’re planning to wear your necklace!

The Wildflower.jpg

Photography: Auguste Chocianaite | Model: Katie Taylor | Make up : Danny Williams | Hair: Lydia Wallis | Dress: Curve Bridal