3 alternative uses for a hair vine

Alternative uses for a hair vine.png

I shared a tip on my Facebook page earlier this week about how a hair vine could be your ideal hair accessory if you haven't finalised your wedding hair. As one of my most popular posts is about the ways you can wear your hair vine, I thought I'd share a few alternatives for you that don't involve putting them in your hair. Intrigued? Read on, friend!

I'm keeping today's post short and sweet with a few creative projects to try yourself. Maybe you'd like to do something with your vine after your wedding or perhaps you've found a different hair accessory for your big day; or maybe you'd like to try a hair accessory workshop but don't know when you'll get a chance to wear your vine...whatever the reason, a vine can be so much more than a hair accessory and, as I love a creative challenge, I thought I'd share three creative alternative uses for a hair vine with you - I'd love to hear which is your favourite :)


1. Wear it as a bridal belt

The  Amy vine , worn as a belt

The Amy vine, worn as a belt


You could easily transform your vine into a bridal belt. Most of them are very delicate and would look lovely against your wedding dress. All you'd need to do is attach some thin ribbon through the loops at either end and tie the vine around your waist. Or, if you're good with a needle and thread, you could stitch it on to your dress using some clear thread - just make sure you remove it before getting your dress dry cleaned!


2. Wear it as a necklace

The  Amethyst vine , styled as a necklace

The Amethyst vine, styled as a necklace



Another simple idea is to wear your vine as a necklace or even as a bracelet or bridal cuff. All you'd need to do is thread some ivory or white ribbon through the loops and fasten at the back  of your neck in a little bow.  If you have some jewellery making supplies, you could add a few jump rings and a clasp at either end  to finish it off.

Making a bracelet would involve wrapping the vine around your wrist a few times and using ribbons to fasten it in place, similar to the necklace.

Or you could make your vine in to a simple bridal cuff if you have a bit of time and patience. Measure a piece of white or ivory felt to fit your wrist and cut it to size. Cover the felt with a piece of lace, stitching the lace to the felt using thread in a colour that matches. Take your hair vine and gently twist and bend it to fit the shape until you're happy with how it looks. Pin it in place with a few dressmaker pins  and stitch along the vine at various points using clear thread and a beading needle. You could also add some other beads around it too to finish it off. Stitch some ribbon to either end of your cuff and tie around your wrist.


The  Elizabeth vine , transformed into a bridal cuff

The Elizabeth vine, transformed into a bridal cuff



3. Wrap it around your bouquet


The  Syreeta vine , used as a bouquet wrap

The Syreeta vine, used as a bouquet wrap



If you have a simple wrap around your bouquet, you could twist your vine around the stems, securing it in place with a few small stitches or a couple of pearl pins through the loops of the vine to add some pretty detail.

Do you have any creative uses for a hair vine? Feel free to share them below! And once again, lovely people, thank you for checking in - feel free to share this post if you know anyone that might enjoy one of these projects :)