Introducing the Brooch Bouquet Surgery

Brooch Bouquet Surgery.png

If you've read my earlier post about my workshops, you'll know that I've recently introduced Brooch Bouquet workshops. What about if you don't need a full workshop though? What if you've got most of it covered, there's just one annoying bit that won't work, or you're struggling to make the handle look presentable?

Well, my friend, that's where my Brooch Bouquet Surgery comes in!

The concept of the Brooch Bouquet Surgery is this: Come along with your ailments and I'll give you a prescription to fix it ;) That is, of course, you bring your bouquet along in whatever state it's in and I'll help you to fix it.

I remember when I made my own brooch bouquet, I really struggled with how to wrap the handle. I tried numerous ways but it never sat right. I was desperate for someone to show me what to do, and I would have paid someone to do it for me. But when I met a lady who made brooch bouquets at a wedding fayre, she was reluctant to even talk to me once I said that I was making my own.

And I understand why; but I see it differently. I think it's great if you've decided to make your own bouquet - I did and I loved every second of it (except the handle, of course!) and equally I'm more than happy to make one for you if you've decided you'd rather get someone to make it for you and save yourself the time.

I do believe though that it's nice to share ideas and, let's be honest, when you've spent a lot of time putting something together and it's not going right, a little bit of encouragement and an extra pair of hands may be all you need to lift your spirits and save you from giving up completely.

So what happens at my Surgery?

First of all, we'd have a quick chat over the phone so I can get an idea of what's going on with your bouquet. We'll arrange an appointment from there for you to come to my studio and then we'll sit down together and fix whatever needs fixing.

The price for an hour-long Surgery session would be £40 and would include the materials you need to get your bouquet back on track, such as floristry wire, ribbon or floral tape. If you're looking to create details to go around the edge of your bouquet, such as floral vines, I can show you how to make a few too, using Swarovski crystals and pearls. Maybe you need help draping a necklace over the edge or have a tiny gap that you need to fill; together, we'll sort it and you'll leave feeling much happier with your little heirloom. 

If you need longer, we can book in additional sessions and I can work out a price for you after your first session based on the amount of work and materials needed. And, if you'd like to add one of my beautiful magnetic closure bouquet boxes to keep your bouquet safe, add an extra £5 on to your session price.  

Oh and tea, coffee and cake is always available when you come and visit me! I'll make sure the kettle's on ready for when you arrive. Now who can resist that? ;)

What's been your biggest brooch bouquet dilemma so far? Leave me a comment below or click on the image to book your Surgery session now!