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The Make Space | Create art with me on Tuesday 28th August!

This wasn't about the workshop alone. In fact, there was no obligation to run one. This was about the creative process. While I'd been focusing on my target audience, I'd forgotten how fascinating it can be to watch artisans and creatives work. That's what this was all about and I could certainly do something to show that.

I forgot that what I do behind the scenes would be interesting to other people. Honestly, I get so stuck in my head when I'm making things that I forget that people don't see all of that work. It's pretty therapeutic too and if you'd like to explore what I do further, you can come along to one of my workshops and make something special for yourself. This goes for people who aren't brides-to-be too, as there are so many things you can do with a hair vine, something I'll be exploring further over the next few months.

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