Thursday, dog walks and a clean kitchen floor...

Thursday, Dog Walks and a Clean Kitchen Floor.png

I realised today that it's been a month since my last blog post. It's not that I have a shortage of things to write about but I've found myself procrastinating a bit about it recently. So I decided today that, rather than put the blog off for another day, I'd record it instead and write it up later.

Well, now is later so I'll let you listen to it instead but, let's say, today did not go as I planned it to! And I'm finding that with a lot of days at the moment. Do you find that too? Today I was practically invisible; I've had cars almost reverse in to me, people walking so close to me you'd think I was a a whole dog shaming incident that I think you'll enjoy hearing about (sorry Gizmo). But it was my reaction to all of these things that surprised me. Normally when stuff like this happens, I feel the world is against me but today I thought about why I might be taking everything to heart.

You see, I always get caught up in the shoulds and coulds and feel guilty for not doing everything, something I'm seeing in a lot of my friends too, which has made me decide to break the cycle. Today I questioned my feelings and realised that I felt that I wasn't enough because I hadn't had time to do everything I wanted to get done for my business. In fairness, most of the things I want to be working on has been overshadowed by sorting out my privacy policy and getting ready for the GDPR tomorrow but even so, time has flown by and here I am, a month on since I sat here writing my last blog. 

So instead I gave myself credit today for actually doing the right thing (as best as I can!) for the whole GDPR roll out. For responding to queries and booking in appointments. For doing the school run and making it to my other part time jobs on time, fully committed. For taking a break to give my brain a chance to catch up and flood me with inspiration for new accessories and ways to connect with you. For having the intention and doing something small every day, because I know it's about the long haul, not the short term glory.

So if you've been feeling bad about all the things you haven't done today, stop. Think of all the little things you've achieved. Write them down and be proud of them. Because things don't always follow a plan but it doesn't mean that you're completely off the path; you're just taking the more interesting, scenic route.

Enjoy the audio...hopefully it'll make you giggle :)