7 ways to survive the post-wedding blues

7 ways to survive the post-wedding blues.jpg

You've had the most amazing wedding day and now it's back to reality. Never fear, there's still plenty to look forward to! If you've been suffering from a bout of post-wedding blues, take a look at this list of ideas to banish them for good.

Book a holiday to look forward to

If you haven't had a honeymoon straight after your wedding, how about planning one for a few months after the wedding? It will make you feel that you're still on a wedding high and give you something to look forward to when your normal routine kicks in. Even if you've had a honeymoon, there's no harm in planning a weekend break away to recharge your batteries.

Look through your wedding photos

It may take a little while to get your wedding photos through but that gives you another thing to look forward to. Going through all your pictures and reliving the day together is sure to bring a smile to your faces. Perfect for a rainy day sat on the sofa in your PJs with a glass of bubbly :)

Do a cherish your dress photo shoot

Some photographers offer a "Trash the Dress" package where you can don your dress again and get it covered in cake, or have photos taken in the woods or in the sea, but if you don't fancy getting covered in dirt and wrecking your dress, a "Cherish the dress" photoshoot may be more your thing, where you get dressed up all over again as if it were your wedding day and have photographs taken somewhere new, without the restrictions of a wedding venue. It may be worth seeing if your photographer would be willing to do this after your wedding if you're considering doing it. Such a great idea for anyone looking for an excuse to wear their dress again!

Start a memory jar

For my husband's birthday one year, I gave him an empty jar with a not inside saying that he had to fill it with memories of our time together. Each time you do something fun together, big or small, make a note of it and fold it up. Open them up on your first anniversary (it is paper after all!) or pull one out when you need something to make you smile :)

Start an activity together

Now the wedding planning's over, why not make use of a free evening by taking up an activity together. Fancy salsa dancing? Or maybe learning a language? How about pottery? Trying something new together gives you the chance to spend quality time with each other. Plus it'll fill the void if you feel you have nothing to say to each other after talking nothing but weddings for so long! ;)

Set a regular date night

It could be once a month or once a week, but set aside a night to go on a date. If your wedding venue has a restaurant that you could go to, why not book a meal there for 6 months after your wedding day, so you can go back and relive the day all over again (although in a different dress perhaps!) 

Set a goal

Having something to focus on and work towards together will take your focus away from grieving your wedding planning days. Maybe it's saving up a deposit for a house or getting in shape; whatever you choose, keeping each other motivated and on track will strengthen your bond further and show you how well you can work as a team.

What tips do you have for anyone going through the post-wedding blues? Share your ideas below!