Hair accessory and brooch bouquet workshops

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I believe there's something special about creating things for your wedding. It's those little sentimental touches, personal to you and your partner, that will ultimately make the day most meaningful to you.

I meet a lot of brides at wedding fayres who tell me about how they're planning to make something for their wedding and, while I design and make cake toppers and accessories for brides-to-be, I understand that making something yourself is a way of putting your mark on your special day.

But what if you feel you have no creative talent? Maybe you've thought about making something for your wedding but it's not gone quite as well as you planned and your Pinterest vision (they always make it look effortless don't they?) is a crumbling mess in front of you?

Let me start off by saying that everyone has a creative talent - it may not be painting or drawing but it might be the ability to think of a solution quickly with limited resources, it's all a mind set thing. I strongly believe that if you put your mind to making something, it will happen. It may be a messy journey and an adventure of trial and error, but you'll get there. And I can help you on the way :)


Hair Accessory Workshops - how it all began

I started offering hair accessory workshops about a year ago. When we got married, I'd really wanted to make my own hair accessory but couldn't figure out how to do it. I knew how to make a princess-style tiara but that wasn't what I wanted. Now I know my stuff, I'd love to pass that on to you!

My bridesmaids and I had a make your own hair accessory workshop. Sarah was very patient with us novices and helped us make a beautiful hair piece to wear on the special day.
— Leila Jane

I've sat with brides and bridesmaids at workshops who have said "I'm not creative", "it'll be a right mess" who have created something amazing in a couple of hours. And it didn't go wrong. Nothing fell to pieces and nothing looked a mess. Because you have me to support you, show you how it's done and fix it if it goes off track.


What happens in a workshop?

If you wanted to book a workshop, we'd have a chat about what you're looking to make, what sort of colours you'd like and whether you'd prefer to come to me or host your workshop in your own home. We'll set a date and if I'm coming to you, I'll bring all the materials you need to make your hair accessory.

Each hair accessory workshop takes a couple of hours and it's a great afternoon activity for a hen do. You could make a hair vine, or a tiara, and I'll show you how to work with the wire to create your accessory. You'll get a beautiful gift box to keep it safe afterwards and it'll be completely unique to you.

And I can also arrange a one-to-one session for brides looking to make their own hair accessory, where I can show you how to add more intricate details and incorporate vintage jewellery for a one of a kind piece.

I came away with a beautiful one of a kind piece that I’m thrilled with.
— Charlotte

New for 2018

Following on from the success of my hair accessory workshops, I've decided to introduce brooch bouquet workshops. I've been thinking of this for a while and, while it's still in the early stages, I've decided it's time to put it out there.

When I made a brooch bouquet for my wedding, I used a floral foam to get the shape. I used whatever wire I could get my hands on and whatever scraps of jewellery I could find. I loved it, but I'm proud to say that my techniques have definitely come a long way since then and I can't wait to work with you to create your own personal work of art!

So in a brooch bouquet workshop, I'll show you how to build your bouquet without a floral foam. I'll help you to wire up your brooches and show you how to piece them together and add other little details. I'll help you to wrap the handle (this used to be one of the trickiest bits for me!)  and you'll leave with your bouquet in a beautiful box ready for your wedding. I would recommend allowing a full day for your workshop - it's the perfect opportunity for a bit of "you" time when wedding planning gets hectic and consumes your life.

To help you get prepared, we'll have a chat beforehand, either in person or over the phone, to talk about styles and shapes and then I'll advise you on the best brooches to find. I'll also share some great spots for finding them. I'll be available to check in with if you have any questions about brooches that may or may not work so you can rest assured you're on the right track. 

I'll help you decide which brooches will work in your bouquet

I'll help you decide which brooches will work in your bouquet


After you've gathered your brooches, we'll meet up for our workshop and start putting your bouquet together. I'll also contribute some brooches to your bouquet as your something new :)

A workshop will cost around £180 and will include all the materials you need to put your bouquet together, refreshments if you come to my studio, a keepsake box for your bouquet and 5 vintage brooches of your choice to add to your collection. You need to source the bulk of your brooches and I'll help you to work out roughly how many you'll need prior to your workshop. Allow at least 6 hours to create your bouquet.


Why I don't provide the brooches

Your bouquet is a reflection of your personality and so it's best if you source brooches that you are drawn to. It also gives you a chance to ask your family and friends if they'd like to donate anything to your bouquet.

Our initial consultation will help you to see the sort of brooches that work best and help you to spend your budget more wisely. I can also show you in your workshop how to create some simple silk flowers if you'd like to add those in.


What about the bridesmaids?

If you're stuck for an idea for your bridesmaids, we could arrange a further workshop for them to make a wrist corsage to match your bouquet. This is another great idea for a hen party activity and together we can help your girls create something beautiful that compliments your bouquet.

I'd love to know what handmade touches you're adding to your wedding day - feel free share them below! And if you'd like any more information on my workshops, send me a message and I'll be in touch with all the information you need!