One easy way to get your groom involved in wedding planning

Why you should let your groom design your cake topper

Designed by the groom-Owen and Becky's cake topper

I was at a wedding inspiration day last weekend and, after speaking to a couple of grooms, I realised there was very little on offer for them to get involved with. Some of their faces lit up when they saw the pictures of the cake toppers I've made so I wanted to share with you how letting your groom design your cake topper can work out pretty well (even if you have your doubts!).

I've worked with a few grooms over the years and I've absolutely loved it. Very few of them focus on what they want and instead, think of little thoughtful details that remind them of you, which is really lovely.

So you can do this one of two ways:

  • Get your groom to do the groundwork but you have some involvement
  • Leave him to organise the whole thing

Let's start off with an example of you having a bit of involvement (and to show you that I can still keep secrets even if your groom is doing most of the design!) 

Matt had been put in charge of designing the cake topper for his wedding to Natalie and he had some great ideas. He decided to have two sets made; one of him and Natalie in their wedding gear and one of them in their stag and hen do outfits (Matt as the Pink Power Ranger and Natalie as Wonder Woman).

Matt had been worried about seeing details of Natalie's dress so he gave me Natalie's email address to ask her directly. Matt saw the stag and hen figures and his own wedding figure but didn't see Natalie's until the big day. As they each had two figures, I sent them in separate boxes with a Power Ranger face on one and Wonder Woman on the other, so there would be no accidental viewings of Natalie's dress before the wedding. Secret safe :)

So how about if you give him full control?

It'll probably turn out better than you realise! I always give grooms the option of letting me speak to the bride about dress details or putting her in a simple white dress. Most opt for the white dress option but focus on other things. So for Conor and Louise, I focused on adding highlights into Louise's hair and making it look voluminous, as that's how she looked in the picture Conor sent.

And for Matthew, It was Debbie's red hair that he spoke of first, followed by her Plymouth Argyle hat and bright flowers.

designed by the groom-Conor+Louise and Matthew+Debbie


How did Matthew find the experience?

"Absolutely love the cake toppers Sarah made for us. Great detail and she managed to make them even better than we could have imagined"   

But one of the most elaborate cake toppers I've had the pleasure of making was for Owen and his bride Becky.

When Owen first got in touch, I gave him a lot of options to think about. A lot. Did he want a base? If so, how did he want it? Did he want dress details? Any extras? Bless him, so many decisions to make and he really didn't want to let Becky down.

Owen decided on a grassy base, with a Welsh rugby ball by his feet and books by Becky's. And he wanted Becky to be wearing her dress. Without Becky knowing what he was doing.

So how do you overcome that hurdle? That's what your maid of honour is for ;) Step forward Katy, who had the big task of overseeing all the details that Owen couldn't.

Katy emailed me pictures of Becky's dress and I started working on the figures. Next, Owen got updates on his figure, rugby ball and the books. But that was as far as he could go.

I had never baked a cake topper without full approval from the bride or groom, or the friend or relative ordering, before then. It was all in Katy's capable hands. I positioned the figures on to the base and added the grass, then strategically took photos or cropped Becky out so that Owen could see part of the finished design, while Katy got to see the whole lot.

And the best bit? The end result was as much of a surprise for Owen as it was for Becky. And they both loved it!

Owen and Becky's cake toppers designed by Owen

Owen left this lovely review, which made me smile:

"Sarah was fantastic to deal with - very responsive and hugely engaging throughout the process of designing and creating the cake topper, which made the whole thing incredibly exciting. She had some great ideas about what we could do, and took my vague ideas and made them into something awesome."

So if you need to give your groom a job, I promise I won't let you down if he designs your cake topper! You may be amazed at what he comes up with ;)

Have you tasked your groom with any big wedding decisions yet? Or did you when you planned your wedding? And how did it all turn out? Leave a comment below - I can't wait to hear your experiences! :)