How I can help you capture a memory with a unique, personalised gift

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I always go round in circles each year, trying to think of something special to get my friends or family and usually resort to the same things. When I have the time, I make things that I think will make them smile; the rest of the time...well there's a pattern - socks, mugs, wine...

Do you find the same thing?

If you do, I may just be able to solve your problem :)

This may have been your year. Or it may have been the year for one of your nearest and dearest. You may have got married, had a baby or got engaged...whatever significant journey you've been on this year, it deserves to be celebrated and what better time than to do it now, at Christmas?

 Available now! Click to find out more :)

Available now! Click to find out more :)

Each year I put something out there as a Christmas offering. I've mostly made tree decorations, both generic and personalised, but I've never actually focused on the thing that I know people want; my biggest selling item and the product I won an award for this year, my personalised figurines.

I've sold well over 100 wedding cake toppers in the last two years, both in the UK and internationally, and have created a few non-wedding ones too. So I've decided to create a mini version of my cake toppers just for you, just for Christmas.

I designed the Christmas figures as a miniature version of my standard cake toppers for  one  main reason; by keeping the figures smaller, I can add more detail to the overall product and still keep the price down - think snowy base, a hand-stamped message, sprigs of Holly...all the little things that go to finish it off, that you wouldn't need on a wedding cake topper or would need to pay a little extra for.

And by keeping the cost down, I thought it would give brides a chance to own one of my cake toppers that they weren't able to afford for their wedding - I appreciate that not everyone has the budget set aside for a wedding cake topper so I thought this would be a nice way of offering that opportunity, if people felt they'd missed out.

 Available now! Click to find out more :)

Available now! Click to find out more :)

So what makes them special?

I always believe in providing value and I like to take the time to break things down and explain where the money you spend goes. I'm not a mass producer; everything you see on my store or on Etsy was designed and made by my own fair hands. I don't copy other people's ideas, I take time to get details right and I ask questions to find out what's important to you and I see how I can incorporate that into your figures.

I've kept it simple this year with two possible colourways: navy, pink and gold, or silver, turquoise and rose gold to help reduce the cost for my customers. Of course, you're more than welcome to customise your figure even further for a little could add your wedding outfits or matching pyjamas or even have them made larger, like my standard cake toppers.

You may want a figure for your little one's first Christmas, with your baby in the middle holding a teddy bear and surrounded by presents, or of you holding your baby. Or maybe you're struggling to find a gift for your son or daughter who got married this year - this could be the one!

You can feel safe in the knowledge that you'll be getting a one of a kind gift. It's not something generic with your name written on it, but something made from scratch, especially for you. It's all about celebrating a moment, having something to cherish years down the line and something that brings back memories of a significant point in your life that you chose to remember.

And to make it even more special, this year I'm including a Steller story with each order, showing how your figures were made and adding in details about your significant event, if you'd like to share them with me (I'd love to hear them!) :)

Ready to find out more? I hope so, because I'd absolutely love to make something special for you this year. And feel free to share any thoughts about my Christmas gift idea below - I'd love to hear what you think and feel free to share this post with anyone you think will enjoy reading it - the usual social share buttons are below :) Sending love your way!


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