Steller stories

how I use Steller stories to add magic to your cake toppers

Last year, I decided to start blogging about some of the more quirky cake topper orders I'd been working on. I had such a great response from you all about them and it made me realise that the "behind the scenes" blogs were what you enjoyed the most.

The only problem I had was that those blogs took me soooo long to write. And I didn't mind that but, on top of the pile of other business tasks I needed to do each week (making, advertising, packaging, etc), I couldn't do them all justice. It also wasn't fair that I couldn't do the same for every couple that I worked with, which was such a shame as I'd developed such good relationships with my clients.

Two of the core values for my business are to provide value and to make the little details sparkle. Being a perfectionist and fielding questions about costs on a daily basis, I felt that I needed to justify my worth and I would end up feeling drained from trying to show people what they were getting for their money. It finally hit me; how would anyone know what goes into making something if they never had a chance to see it?

For me, the beauty of a bespoke order is that it is made especially for you, and you alone. So wouldn't you want to see the journey it took from bare materials to the end result?

So along came Steller, a storytelling app that I actually stumbled upon back in 2014. When I first signed up to it, I didn't really get it. It just seemed like another fad, a spin off of Pinterest even. I didn't give it any more thought until, just a couple of months ago, curiosity got the better of me and I tried the app again.

I'm so glad I did! Steller allows users to upload images, videos and text, which you can then organise into a flip book-style magazine format. I was sold. This was what I had been waiting for!

how to plan your perfect cake topper

I started taking pictures of details that I knew would be important to each bride and groom - for example, Justin's buttonhole in the example below, along with video clips of me creating lace overlays for dresses or adding detail to bases. The fact that I could combine both videos and images in one story was perfect, as I wasn't able to do that on my Facebook page.

I filled the story with any meaningful details about the bride and groom that I had, such as how one bride loved the combination of her groom's dark hair and bright blue eyes. I then added some little facts about the cake toppers, such as how long it took to make them, when they were completed or how many colours needed to be mixed to create the final result.

The stories went down a storm. And the best bit? I'm able to now offer that to every couple - yay! A story takes me maybe 20 minutes to put together (minus any basic editing of photos), leaving my blog a place to group together ideas for cake toppers, which I think will be more beneficial for you if you're looking for inspiration or answers to questions. I send a link to your story on your wedding day, when I publish it, as a way of letting you know that I'm thinking of you, that I hope your wedding day is everything you hoped it would be and as a little thank you for working with me.

The truth is, I don't think that anyone will realise what value is provided until after they receive their order, but I promise you that I won't let you down if you choose to work with me! (You can read a few of the kind comments from past brides and grooms here if you're interested!)

I'd love to hear what you think of the stories - here's an example of Meghan and Justin's and you can see my others on Steller. In the next few months, I'll be documenting how I put together a brooch bouquet and accessories, which I think you'll enjoy too :) Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments! And if you're looking to order a custom-made cake topper, like the ones in this story, why not take a look at this?