Ideas to add a personal touch to your bridesmaid dresses

This is a guest post for Elsa Rose Boutique from Best for Bride, Canada's leading bridal dress store, sharing tips on how you can personalise your bridesmaids dresses. Let us know which is your favourite!

How to add a personal touch to your bridesmaid dresses, courtesy of Canada's leading bridal dress store, Best for Bride

How to add a personal touch to your bridesmaid dresses, courtesy of Canada's leading bridal dress store, Best for Bride

Personal touches make a wedding unique! Although this special day in your life should reflect your taste and style, it should also be an exciting experience for the people in your wedding party. And it is the small details and unexpected elements that make such occasions truly unforgettable.

Your bridesmaids have a big role in your wedding. Not only will they be by your side when you say “I do”, they are also an important part of the wedding scenery. So, add your special touches to make your bridal team look extraordinary, and your bridesmaids will be happy at the attention you shower on them. The fashion team from Best for Bride, Canada's bridal store, suggest the following list of ideas to help you do this right!


Personalize with jewelry

Do you intend to choose similar or even the same dresses for all your bridesmaids? Then add a dash of personality to their looks with jewelry. Pick items that make the color of the dresses pop, and enhance their style quotient. If the dresses feature subtle colors, experiment with colorful gemstones in their jewelry. Alternately, go for classic elegance with simple, uncluttered ornaments that they can use again. Don't forget that these interesting pieces can double up as your bridesmaids gift.  


Pick footwear that makes a statement

Add a special touch to your bridesmaids outfits by pairing them with statement shoes. Go for single, bright colors like bright red or cobalt blue, if they fit your theme. Or choose glittering and sparkling shoes, and make it an exciting selection. For an entirely unexpected look, you can even pair the dresses with boots or sneakers. Make sure that the shoes are comfortable since your bridesmaids will be on their feet for several hours. Choose a heel size that they can comfortably walk around in and dance, and give them enough time to break their shoes in before the wedding day.


Add an accessory

There are many accessories that greatly enhance the overall look of bridesmaids dresses. Choose from stylish wraps, boleros or belts to dress your bridesmaids. Accessories that cover up the arms and shoulders are excellent choices if your wedding is in the cooler months. Belts and sashes will dress up a simple dress. Add an embellished belt or sash to a full-length gown, and you will get a couture look. For a shorter dress, accentuate the waist with a belt to make it fun and flirty.  Either choose a neutral color or one that complements your wedding theme. Or choose a brooch to add some sparkle to the dress.


Alter the length

This idea on the Knot website can work real wonders. Once you find bridesmaids dresses that you like, add your personal spin by simply altering the length. A good seamstress can change the original silhouette of a bridesmaid dress and convert it into something that better fits your vision. Use this option to move the hemline of the dress up or down, so it flatters your bridesmaids. Instead of simply experimenting with different lengths, you can also go with the trending asymmetrical high-lo hemline for a fashion-forward look.


Say it with flowers

Flowers are a pleasant addition to the wedding décor, and you can use them to add a unique look to your bridesmaids outfits. Have each of the bridesmaids bouquets customized to match the color of their dress, and it will look stunning. Or choose bouquets of different colors for each woman, while having them wear dresses of the same color. This will cause the bouquets to pop. It will also make your photographs stunning.


Mix and match

Gone are the days when bridesmaids had to wear the exact same dress, hairstyle and makeup. It is now trendy to mix and match dresses for a unique effect. When choosing bridesmaids dresses, you can vary the colors, silhouettes or other factors to give each woman a unique look. If you keep the color constant, vary the hemline, neckline or sleeves. This monochromatic effect will look cohesive, even while your bridesmaids can pick dresses that flatter their specific body types

The other option is to choose the same dress style and vary colors for each member of your bridal party. Or experiment with prints and patterns. However, ensure that there is at least one element that pulls the looks together, or your entire bridal party will look disjointed. As a rule of thumb, change no more than two elements, and keep the rest of the details consistent for a cohesive look.


Choose separates and fashion a two-tone combination

Instead of traditional bridesmaids dresses, dress up your girls in separates. This gives you the flexibility to mix and match the two pieces to create a different overall look. Two-tone combinations are fun, as you can emphasize color contrasts by choosing pale colors in one half and solid colors for the other. When you choose more than two colors, make sure that at least one color is kept constant in all outfits. It can look too busy otherwise.


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