Hello World!

 Welcome to my new site!

Thank you for popping by to say hello! What do you think? I hope you like my new look! I wanted to write a quick blog post to tell you a little bit about the changes I've made to Elsa Rose Boutique and what's to come as most of you have been on this journey with me since the very beginning. Sit tight, I'll try not to waffle on!

So the last couple of weeks have taken me on a HUGE learning curve. I decided over Christmas that what I really needed (and wanted!) on my website was a shop where people could easily purchase things they'd seen at wedding fayres and craft markets and I didn't have the scope to do that with my old WordPress site, nor did I have the ability. I also wanted a site that was easy to navigate, packed with pretty pictures and a crisp, clean finish, which takes us up to today, the big re-launch!

I did a lot of research before building this site (seriously, there have been a lot of late nights reading articles, which I'll be sharing some insights on in later posts!) and there were a few things that I knew I had to do. After 2 years, I still didn't have a "brand". I didn't have an "image". My old site was a mix of products for different purposes and, I felt, no clear direction for lovely people, like yourself, to find what they needed.  

The brand came first - the logo was already there and I decided to build around that with shades of blues and whites to give everything that crisp feel. I bought a new camera to take clearer photos and created a backdrop to photograph things against. I researched tips on how to set out products, how to edit photos, the difference a white background can make (and later on, when uploading the pictures to this site, just how much I had to adjust the lighting on my photos to make my white background look even whiter!), the important roles Pinterest and Instagram play for creative businesses and where I've been going wrong for the last two years. Yep, huge learning curve!

The biggest thing for me though was how this site should come across to people. That was one of the hardest things for me to pin down. Writing in the third person didn't feel right and wasn't me or my target audience. Yes, Elsa Rose Boutique is a business, but she belongs to me, I am her and it is me that you will be working with, talking to and emailing so it made sense to fill it with some personality and not hide behind an imaginary persona. I've worried about the way it might come across, that some might see it as "unprofessional", but I believe, hand on heart, that the biggest thing holding me back with my last site (apart from the bad navigation and product photos!) was that it didn't have my personality in and that's probably the one thing that draws you to me at networking events and wedding fayres.

I'm hoping to start a little newsletter soon too so that I can keep you updated of new products, events and maybe even freebies (yay!) or discounts - if you're interested, drop me a message and let me know! For those of you thinking about your businesses or thinking of starting one, I'm going to be sharing some of the things that I've learnt recently that I wish I'd known before - I'm no expert at all but I wish I'd known just half of the things I know now when I started out! My final plan for the blog is to share some how-to's with you - some nice little projects for you to try so that you can make personal gifts, wedding favours or something for yourselves :) Lots of these will be appearing on Pinterest so click the little Pinterest button at the bottom of the page and I'll keep you updated!  

So, lovely friends, enjoy having a look around the new site, share it with your friends and tell me what you think - I'd love to know your thoughts!

And finally, to my two "muses" (they know who they are!) - thank you for the feedback on the site and for inspiring so many elements of its design. I couldn't have done it without you!

Sarah x