I am so proud to have won an award this year for my cake toppers at the Bristol and Somerset Wedding Awards, voted for by the lovely couples I've worked with. I design my cake toppers to incorporate the details that matter to you, from the design of your outfits to the way you style your hair, capturing an element of your personality in them to create a lasting keepsake of your special day.

You can read more about how I make your cake topper here but I've compiled some information about ordering your cake toppers, a price guide and some tips below - hope you find it useful! You can also read what other brides and grooms thought here :)


Prices: As each cake topper is completely unique, the cost is based on the amount of detail and material I need to use, in addition to the time it will take me to make them. I'm more than happy to give you a no obligation quote so please do get in touch and ask me! As a rough idea though, a pair of standard cake toppers with customised wedding dress and suit starts at £80. If you'd like them attached to a base, in your choice of colour with the date of your wedding on, add on an extra £10, however I can add more detail to the bases for a little extra, depending on the detail, for example you could have lace detail, grass and flowers, sand or sea...the only limit is your imagination! Some outfits, such as kilts, traditional cultural dress, certain sports shirts or costumes are much more detailed and therefore will cost more. As a rough guide, outfits like these would start at £10 extra, depending on the detail needed. All the details are made from clay and not painted on. I can even add tattoos!

You can also include your pets or children and as a rough guide, children can range anywhere between £15 and £25, depending on their age and detail, cats are £12 and dogs range in price from £12-25, depending on the size and breed. Additional figures or objects, such as books, horses, bikes, etc would range between £3 - £40, depending on the figure.


Ordering:  Just send me a message and tell me a little bit about yourself and how you'd like your figures. It's really helpful if you tell me when your wedding date is, where you live, whether you'd like additional figures and/or a base and a brief description of your outfits. It's great to have pictures too as it helps me to pick out the little details that make a difference!

Payment: Once you've told me your ideas, I'll give you a quote and, if you'd like to order, I'll email across an invoice, which you can pay online - all very straightforward! I take a £20 deposit and then the remaining balance is due by the date set on your invoice. For larger orders, I can split the payment into instalments so please let me know if you need to spread the cost.


What happens next? I make your cake toppers :) I'll send you some pictures before I bake them so that you can let me know about any last minute adjustments and, once you're happy with them, I'll bake them, do a nice little photo shoot with them and then wrap them up safely ready to be delivered!


How are they packaged and sent? Your cake toppers will be wrapped securely in lots of bubble wrap, placed into a gift box and then surrounded by polystyrene for extra cushioning. If they're travelling in the post, the gift box is surrounded by more bubble wrap, placed into a sturdy packaging box and sent to you via Royal Mail Special Delivery, which means your little figures travel like VIPs! They are insured during transit and are guaranteed to be delivered within one working day in the UK. If you're within 10 miles of Weston Super Mare, I'm happy to deliver your cake toppers free of charge or alternatively, you're more than welcome to pop round and pick them up here if you're passing!


Do you share images of the cake toppers on social media? Not until your wedding day! They're kept top secret until then. I never share any personal photos that you send me to design your cake toppers so please don't worry about that! It's always lovely to see photos of them on your cake though so please feel free to send me a photo or tag #elsaroseboutique on social media.

Hope this information has been useful but if there's anything else you need, you can send me a message and I'll be happy to help!