Brooch bouquet workshops

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It all started in 2013...

I saw a brooch bouquet in a magazine and I said to my now husband "I'd love one of those". He joked that I could make one myself and I laughed.

But I rose to the challenge. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to try. I found a tutorial online that showed you how to build a bouquet on a floral foam and off I went, wiring up brooches and beads at our dining table and pushing them in to the foam.

I loved my brooch bouquet because I had made it myself. It had quirky little brooches in there along with my great grandmother's silver buttons, gifted to me by my mum. My brooch bouquet is still standing but I do find the odd bit falling out when I pick it up nowadays.

And that's why I taught myself to do it better. Over the last four years, I've perfected my technique, which has enabled me to make my bouquets lighter and feel more secure. And I'd love to share it with you so that you can create your very own heirloom to carry down the aisle on your big day and to pass down to your daughter in years to come.


Brooch Bouquet Workshops

My brooch bouquet workshops are perfect for any bride thinking of making her own brooch bouquet, but doesn't know where to start or feels she needs some help to pull her ideas together.

Together, we'll plan out your bouquet and discuss what style of brooches would work best, how you can bring in your wedding colours and where to find the best materials. From there, you'll need to source your brooches and then we'll get together for a day to create your bouquet.

I'll provide the rest of the materials, such as floristry wire, floral tape, ribbon, silk rose petals and any pearls or crystals to add accents, along with 5 brooches of your choice to include in your bouquet.


Why it's important for you to source your brooches

When I came up with the idea of running a brooch bouquet workshop, I considered including brooches in to the offer. However, the more I thought about it, the more I felt that it would take away the personality of your bouquet. Your bouquet should be filled with specially curated pieces that you are drawn to and that have been passed down to you; you could ask your friends and family to each contribute a brooch, a watch face or a necklace to go in to your bouquet to add even more sentimental detail to it.

Brooches gathered, the workshop itself will take a day, although if you need more time, we can schedule it in. I'll provide plenty of tea, coffee and cake when you come to my studio and we'll wire up your brooches and start putting your bouquet together, from the first piece, to wrapping the handle and adding any decorative details.

You'll leave with your beautiful bouquet in a keepsake box to keep it safe until your wedding and a happy heart after a day of creativity.


So to recap...

When you book your workshop, you'll benefit from the following:

  • A consultation to decide on the shape and style of your bouquet
  • A shopping list of brooches to find that will work with the shape of your bouquet, along with some good places to look for them
  • Floral wire, floral tape, crystals, pearls, ribbon, silk rose petals (if you'd like them) and 5 brooches from my collection
  • A day of one-to-one tuition, from how to wire up and group your brooches to adding little details like draped necklaces.
  • A neatly wrapped handle
  • A beautiful keepsake box to keep your bouquet safe and secure
  • Access to a free session at my brooch bouquet surgery if you need extra time to complete your bouquet
  • A Steller story detailing the journey of your bouquet from start to finish as a gift
  • A 10% discount on a hair accessory workshop

All included for the price of £180

When you're ready to book your workshop, all you need to do is send me a message with your contact details and the date of your wedding and I will be in touch to arrange a date with you.