If Elsa Rose were a bride (and why I've not labelled my niche)

I'm currently sat on the stairs while our little one is refusing to sleep. Grrr. Perfect opportunity to write a blog post, right? ;)

I've been bogged down recently with emails from "coaches" - side note, I don't mean any offence by that, it just feels that every woman running a business these days is running a business to tell other women how to run their businesses...I digress - saying that to be successful you need to do X, Y and Z and I'll admit, just like I did in teaching, I've tried to implement too many things that have ultimately brought me down.


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Sentimental ways to include lost loved ones in your wedding

Celebrating with your nearest and dearest is at the heart of most couples’ wedding days and if you’re lucky enough to have everyone you love there, then you are truly blessed. Sadly, for many of us, we may have lost a parent, relative or friend who we wished could have seen us walk down the aisle and live happily ever after.

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How I can help you capture a memory with a unique, personalised gift

I always go round in circles each year, trying to think of something special to get my friends or family and usually resort to the same things. When I have the time, I make things that I think will make them smile; the rest of the time...well there's a pattern - socks, mugs, wine...

Do you find the same thing?

If you do, I may just be able to solve your problem :)

This may have been your year. Or it may have been the year for one of your nearest and dearest. You may have got married, had a baby or got engaged...whatever significant journey you've been on this year, it deserves to be celebrated and what better time than to do it now, at Christmas?

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7 essential tips for creating a beautiful DIY wedding

If you're a creative butterfly, like me, there's no doubt there'll be just a few handmade touches to your big day. A quick browse on Pinterest will give you a ton of ideas for ways you can save money and for cute (and more importantly, easy!) ideas for anything from invites, to brooch bouquets. Rather than give you more ideas (don't get me wrong - I'm happy to!), I'm going to leave that to Pinterest today and instead focus on how you can create a beautiful DIY wedding, whatever your budget!

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Steller stories

For me, the beauty of a bespoke order is that it is made especially for you, and you alone. So wouldn't you want to see the journey it took from bare materials to the end result?

Last year, I decided to start blogging about some of the more quirky cake topper orders I'd been working on. I had such a great response from you all about them and it made me realise that the "behind the scenes" blogs were what you enjoyed the most.


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22 practical tips for managing stress when you're planning a wedding

With today being World Mental Health Day, I've decided to focus some blog posts around how to keep your cool when the stress of wedding planning takes over.

Planning a wedding puts a lot of pressure on us. We often set super high expectations for our big day that can take away the fun and excitement and leave us feeling grumpy with our other half, friends and family for "just not getting it".

You may have come across this post as you're feeling overwhelmed by all the things that need to be done and have lost your way. I feel your pain; I've been there before and am now here to help, like your very own fairy godmother. I've organised everything into sections too, so you can scroll through to the issue you're facing and start easing that anxiety and stress straight away :)

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The real cost of postage and packaging

We've all been there; gone to purchase something on line and then stopped in our tracks because of the price of postage.

I recently wrote about my cake toppers to show you what you get for your money and today, I've decided to do the same for postage and packaging. I've been asked a few times if I can "just send it without a gift box" or "second class" and have lost a few potential clients because I've refused.

Here's why: Your cake toppers or accessories are far more valuable than the price of postage. It might not seem like it at first, but trust me, when you receive them you'll get it. And if you read on, you'll see that the price I charge is actually more reasonable than you thought. 

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One easy way to get your groom involved in wedding planning

I was at a wedding inspiration day last weekend and, after speaking to a couple of grooms, I realised there was very little on offer for them to get involved with. Some of their faces lit up when they saw the pictures of the cake toppers I've made so I wanted to share with you how letting your groom design your cake topper can work out pretty well (even if you have your doubts!).

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What should I expect from a wedding fair?

I've fallen behind on my blog posts recently, as you're probably aware from my last post, but I'm back with a bang today to share some tips with you lovely brides and grooms-to-be about what to expect from a wedding fair (also referred to as wedding fayres, exhibitions or showcases) and how you can get the most out of it.

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It's been a while...

It's been almost 3 months since my last blog post and the constant reminders about the importance of consistency with blogging and SEO keep going round my head as yet another notification from Facebook pops up on my phone to kindly tell me that "410 people who follow Elsa Rose Boutique haven't heard from you in a while". Thanks Facebook, with your automatic reminders to remind me how crap I've been. I was doing so well a couple of months ago, publishing a blog post weekly and gathering a little following but things have changed massively in our personal lives and I decided to write this blog post to explain why I seem to have fallen off the face of the Earth.

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5 simple ways to wear a hair vine

Hair vines are one of the most versatile hair accessories around at the moment but one question I always get asked at wedding exhibitions is “How do you put them in your hair?” So, lovely bride-to-be, I’ve put together a few ideas to help you make up your mind about whether a hair vine is right for you and rave about all their fabulous qualities!

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The inspiration behind the new Inspired Collection - Part two

I've had such a lovely response on social media about the first few pieces in the new collection and if you missed it, you can read all about them in my previous post :) Today's blog features the final pieces in the collection and the inspiration behind them. Don't forget, if you'd like to pre-order your favourite before they go on sale on Thursday 30th March, you can sign up here (and get yourself a little discount in the process!) or just drop me a message!

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The inspiration behind the new Inspired collection

In just a couple of short weeks (get it in your diaries - Thursday 30th March!) I'll be launching my new collection (but if you're impatient like me, you can pre-order your favourite here, because I'm nice like that!) so I thought it was about time that I shared the little journey that I've taken to put it together and introduce you not only to the pretty pieces themselves, but the beautiful personalities that inspired each one.

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14 things you never knew about an Elsa Rose cake topper

I was over the moon to win an award for my cake toppers last week at the Bristol and Somerset Wedding Awards as the votes that led me to victory came from the lovely brides and grooms I've had the pleasure of working with over the last year - words can't express just how grateful I am and, if you voted, I'm sending a big virtual hug your way to say thank you! If you're a regular visitor to my site and blog, you'll probably have read the stories behind some of the cake toppers I've made, but I thought it would be nice to share with you a few little secrets about my trademark toppers, which will hopefully give you a bit of insight into the process if you're thinking of ordering a set or at least make you smile :)

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For what it's worth...how to prioritise your budget and get what you really want for your big day

Weddings are expensive. No doubt about it! If you're planning a wedding, setting a budget and sticking to it can take some work, especially if, like me, you have no idea how much some things actually cost in the first place. I remember buying wedding magazines and they'd often have information to help give you an idea of cost for the essentials just to feel completely overwhelmed with the costs that were racking up in my head. You too?

So how do you decide where to splurge and where to save? There's no one size fits all answer to that I'm afraid to report but I decided to put this post together to help you think about what matters most for you as a couple and to shed some light on why things cost what they do and again, there's not a one size fits all approach there too but hopefully it gives you an insight into where your money is best spent!

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Ideas to add a personal touch to your bridesmaid dresses

Personal touches make a wedding unique! Although this special day in your life should reflect your taste and style, it should also be an exciting experience for the people in your wedding party. And it is the small details and unexpected elements that make such occasions truly unforgettable.

Your bridesmaids have a big role in your wedding. Not only will they be by your side when you say “I do”, they are also an important part of the wedding scenery. So, add your special touches tomake your bridal team look extraordinary, and your bridesmaids will be happy at the attention you shower on them. The fashion team from Best for Bride, Canada's bridal store, suggest the following list of ideas to help you do this right!

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Behind the Scenes - The Fisherman and the Mermaid

One of my favourite things about making cake toppers is that no two are ever the same. Each bride and groom has a unique story and I love being able to share some of the journeys their orders take and the thought behind them. Today's feature is all about how I made the little details sparkle for the lovely Rosie and Chris, whose love of the seaside inspired their special day.

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Behind the Scenes - An All-American Cake Topper

It's rare that I publish a blog post before someone's wedding but this one is an exception for a special reason and I can't wait to tell you all the story behind these completely original cake toppers!

Today's feature focuses on Chicago based Megan and Jerry. Thanks to Etsy, my little business is gaining recognition far and wide and I couldn't be more pleased that this lovely couple asked me to make their cake toppers for them.

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